Edinburgh Clay Pigeon Shooting

Below is a list of clay pigeon sites we've great deals with, we can also arrange transport and accommodation in Edinburgh.

Clay Shooting West of Edinburgh - Clays 25

£ 42.99 pp

Great clay shooting site close to Edinburgh, perfect for groups of all sizes, no experience needed.

25 Clays Shoot at Hopetoun House Edinburgh

£ 44.99 pp

Majestic setting for a morning/afternoon of clays. 25 Clays included in package as well as all equipment. Variety of traps for excitement. Beginner or expert equally welcome.

Absolute Scotland - 25 Clay Pigeon Shooting - Near Stirling

£ 49.99 pp

Clay shooting is a great daytime activity for goups both large or small, the site is located close to Stirling.